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What is crowdfunding and how does it work? Crowdfunding can get you money to build a business, and the attention to build a customer base. Learn about crowdfunding and how it helps businesses grow. Discover the different types of crowdfunding and how to get involved.  Crowdfunding is lots of people – a crowd – putting […]

Website Optimization

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Website optimization is the process of improving your business website’s performance across various areas, such as web traffic, conversion rates, and usability. Although you can have many goals, the main objective of website optimization is to ensure it creates a smooth digital journey. As more and more business is conducted through the internet, your website […]

Content identifiers

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Each asset has a fingerprint  When you add a file to IPFS, your file is split into smaller chunks, cryptographically hashed, and given a unique fingerprint called a content identifier (CID). This CID acts as an permanent record of your file as it exists at that point in time. When other nodes look up your file, they ask their peer […]

Non Fungible Tokens

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Illustration of non-fungible assets. NFTs utilize blockchain technology. Through the blockchain, NFTs can be created, bought, and traded. To give some context, the blockchain is a type of database that stores information electronically. What makes the blockchain different from traditional databases is how the data is structured: “A blockchain collects information together in groups, also […]

How QR codes can help?

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How QR codes can help? QR Codes , shortened for Quick Response Codes, have become the latest e-commerce trend among the consumers and the retailers. It won’t be incorrect to say that we can find QR codes everywhere- pizza boxes, clothes, books, bottles, flyers, shop doors etc. QR code signifies as a type of barcode […]

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